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Restoring Optimal Performance at Winscales Wind Farm: A Pitch-Perfect Success Story

Winscales Wind Farm, located in the picturesque Cumbria countryside, is a vital source of renewable energy for the region. The efficient operation of wind turbines is crucial for maintaining a steady power supply. Adamas Wind is contracted to provide Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services for these turbines, ensuring they perform according to their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications.


Whilst reviewing and analysing power curve data, our team noticed that one of the turbines was not performing as expected, particularly in low wind speeds. This discrepancy raised concerns, as any deviation from the OEM power curve data could result in energy production losses and decreased revenue for the wind farm.


To address the issue, our experienced technicians conducted a comprehensive troubleshooting and fault-finding investigation. After careful examination, they discovered a critical problem: the pitch ram had not been installed correctly by the previous maintenance contractor. Specifically, the pitch ram was not secured according to the manufacturer’s specifications, causing it to operate outside of optimal position.


Resolving this issue required meticulous attention to detail and technical expertise. Our dedicated team immediately rectified the problem by reinstalling the pitch ram as per the manufacturer’s specifications. This ensured that the blades were pitched correctly, allowing the turbine to operate optimally in all wind conditions.


The impact of our intervention was swift and profound. With the pitch ram now correctly installed, the affected turbine began to perform according to the OEM power curve data. The improvements were particularly noticeable in low wind speeds, where the turbine had previously underperformed.


  • Optimal Energy Production: The corrected pitch ram allowed the turbine to capture more wind energy, maximising its energy production potential.
  • Enhanced Revenue: By restoring the turbine to peak performance, our intervention contributed to increased revenue generation for Winscales Wind Farm.
  • Reliability: Our thorough troubleshooting and fault-finding expertise ensured the turbine’s long-term reliability and reduced the likelihood of costly breakdowns.


At Adamas Wind, we take immense pride in our ability to address complex issues and restore wind turbines to their full potential on behalf of our valued customers. Our successful resolution of the pitch ram installation problem at Winscales Wind Farm demonstrates our commitment to excellence in Operations and Maintenance services.

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