Fissara MANAGE Transforms AW Operations for Improved Efficiency and Customer Service


Fissara MANAGE Transforms AW Operations for Improved Efficiency and Customer Service

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Last updated: October 17, 2023 | Published: October 9, 2023


Fissara MANAGE – Field Operations

In the fast-paced world of wind energy maintenance, managing assets, scheduling jobs, and providing top-notch customer service can be a challenging endeavour. We are a leading player in the wind energy sector, we have found a leading solution that addresses these challenges head-on. Thanks to Fissara MANAGE, our operations have undergone a remarkable transformation, resulting in enhanced efficiency and an elevated standard of customer service.

Efficient Job Scheduling:

Fissara MANAGE has empowered our teams to revolutionise the way we schedule jobs and activities for our engineers. Whether it’s reactive work or routine maintenance, the platform provides a centralised and streamlined approach to job planning. This newfound efficiency has not only improved overall operations but has also allowed for better customer management. Engineers can now be dispatched with precision, ensuring that the right person with the right skills arrives at the right turbine, at the right time.

Asset and Stock Management:

We understand the critical importance of asset and stock management in the renewable energy sector. Fissara MANAGE plays a pivotal role in this regard by enabling us to allocate stock and assets to specific jobs with ease. Moreover, it tracks how much of these resources has been utilised for each customer, thus providing invaluable insights into job costings and stock levels. This level of transparency ensures that we always have a clear understanding of resource utilisation, allowing us to optimise our operations effectively.

Remote Work and Full Audit Trail:

The ability to work remotely has become increasingly vital in today’s world, and we have seamlessly incorporated this capability into our operations with Fissara MANAGE. Engineers can now plan jobs and carry out administrative tasks remotely, improving productivity and flexibility. Additionally, the platform maintains a comprehensive audit trail, ensuring that every action is documented. This not only enhances accountability but also enables us to provide customers with a full audit of the work carried out, reinforcing trust and transparency.

Technology Trailblazer:

In a highly competitive and rapidly evolving industry like wind energy, we have and continue to emerge as a leader by harnessing the power of Fissara MANAGE. The platform’s capabilities in job scheduling, asset and stock management, remote work, and audit trail maintenance have helped propelled us towards greater operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. With Fissara MANAGE by our side, we are poised to continue our journey as an innovative technology trailblazer in the renewable energy sector.

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